Prospective Clients


I’m Denika, a communications specialist and graphic designer in the Twin Cities. I work with freelance clients on projects ranging from logo design to weekly newsletters to event materials production, and most anything in between. I’ve been working in communications and design for over six years, and in addition to my freelance work, I work for an association management company providing print and web design, website management, email management, and other communications needs. I’ve worked with a wide range of clients, so whether you have a precise communications plan or your business is just starting out, I’m here to help!

For each project, I have an initial fee that guarantees a certain amount of work and products you will receive (fees and scope vary by project). If the scope of a given project is greater than what the initial fee provides, I charge additional work at $20 per hour. I never bill additional hours without informing my clients first. Because I have worked with many very small clients that have extremely limited budgets, I’m familiar with the financial challenge communications & design work can create—if you need to negotiate a payment plan or have other budget limits you want to discuss, contact me.

Services/Products Provided:

  • Logo design
  • Resumé/business card design
  • Event invites, signs, programs, etc. design
  • Website management
  • Print newsletter design
  • Email newsletter design
  • Infographic design
  • Website setup (WordPress/Wix)

If your project isn’t on this list, ask, and I can probably help!

Need more information? Send me an email at